Eliminating Bad Hiring From Planet Earth

Interview Accuracy

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Technology + Methodology

Hiring accuracy is the key to unlocking your company’s potential and maximizing people-ROI. Intertru drives evidence-based decision-making at the core value level.

Only by deeply understanding a person’s pain, positioning, performance, and core value alignment can you create the foundation for a successful win-win engagement.

Actionable AI observations backed by transparent evidence & unwavering objectivity.

  • Cuts interviewer’s time by 70%
  • Reduces interview-to-hire ratio to 3:1

Strongest person hired

  • 49% cost reduction
  • 89% less turnover
  • Hire 70% faster
  • <3% reported attrition

The Solution

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Intertru AI

The Experience

Method driven, AI-led interviewing accuracy platform

Intertru is an AI-powered platform featuring cognitive conferencing, which transcribes and analyzes real-time audio to evaluate the interviewee’s responses and ensure that each interviewer achieves the interviewing objectives.

Intertru AI

The Results

Interviewing accountability & visibility

AI-led Hiring Accuracy

Intertru’s AI analyzes interview data to generate valuable insights. These insights assist in identifying candidates who align with your company’s operational values, meet performance expectations, are positioned correctly, and possess transferable skills. This feedback helps interviewers improve and learn throughout the hiring process.

Interview Analysis
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Organizational Impact

At Intertru, our extensive experience in executive search sets us apart. We have refined our methods through countless company engagements, proving our expertise. Unlike other platforms, we provide measurable data points tied to your company’s unique DNA, ensuring accurate evidence-based observations.

Intertru empowers interviewers to:

Dig deeper: Move beyond surface-level qualities and understand how people truly operate when faced with challenges.

Hire ahead of the curve: Stay ahead of the competition by identifying top talent before others do. Intertru enables you to make strategic hires that align with your company’s long-term goals. 

Create win-win relationships: Build a highly engaged and committed workforce by hiring individuals who align with your core values. Fostering a culture of shared success and mutual growth. 

Operate at 90%+ hiring success rate.

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