About Intertru

Our Values

Intertru operates on a solid foundation core values that guide every aspect of our work. These values are the compass that leads us to make decisions that are not only sound but also defensible.

You First

At Intertru we prioritize and empower your growth. We care deeply about you and your business. Our actions demonstrate genuine empathy, understanding, and solutions that deliver measurable value to you. Also, we say please, thank you, and hold the door open for others.

Dig Deeper

We listen to understand, not to respond and it is in our nature to ask the difficult questions that enable us to attack the root of the issue. We consistently hone our expertise using targeted data. Making sure our solutions are proven in the real world with concrete results.

Commit Action

We set measurable goals, hold each other accountable, and take corrective action. Our approach is to initiate communication that uncovers issues before they become real problems. We operate from win-win and walk from win-lose situations.


We are people who defy the shackles of conventional constraints. We reject “best practices” “conventional wisdom”, or the “status quo” perspectives that produce mediocre results. With a relentless spirit of rebellion, we celebrate failure and challenge one another to break boundaries and rewrite the rules of what real success means.

About Us

We exist to help people thrive in their professional lives, with the goal of creating win-win experiences for every individual in both the career search and hiring capacity. We believe that individuals flourish when they operate at the same level of coherence as the organization they are a part of. This is the problem we solve, and it is where we excel.

Our team of proven experts understands that successful hires go beyond mere skills. Drawing on our extensive real-world experience spanning decades, we have come to recognize that core value alignment forms the bedrock of long-term success. What sets us apart from competitors is our unparalleled domain expertise, which surpasses shallow and outdated “best practices.”

We guarantee results because we have done the work ourselves, delivering hundreds of highly successful hires. Trust Intertru to empower you to hire the strongest people who align with your company’s values and drive long-term success.